Who is Emmazing?

Hello, may I speak with the owner of uhm, em-mah-ZING photography? You are. Oh! Hi Emma, My name is Ms. X and we found you on Google and… Wait. My name isn’t Emma. Oh. I’m sorry. What is your name then ma’am? (the ma’am kills me EVERY.TIME) Emily. My name is Emily. And it’s not em-mah-ZING, its em-MAZE-ing. Like “amazing” with “em” in front of it. That’s really clever! So anyway, I want to sell you…(blah blah blah) No thank you. If you found me on Google, I’m good. Have a wonderful day Ms. X  :click: Emmazing is primarily me, Emily, and my sister Elizabeth. We’ve heard all the Clifford references over and over and over again. While I have a big red (merle) bull mastiff mix, she’s nowhere near the size of Clifford. When you see “I”, it’s Emily speaking. Elizabeth is more behind-the-scenes. I have 2 kids, 3 dogs, 1 cat, a husband and about 13 million mice (ok, not that many) living in my home with me. A home that is always cluttered and has half-finished projects strewn across every flat surface. I’m supposed to tell you my why now, or that’s at least what all the guide books and speakers tell me, so here goes: My why is simple: Tell the Story. It’s not always pretty, but it’s always tugging at our heartstrings. We all have stories. Some of us are prolific bloggers (not me by any means), others are great at Instagram (where apparently I break all the “rules” but more on that later), while others are still writing our stories down in ink... read more