Make it right

Friends, the official news broke last night. I got a message first thing in the morning, asking if I had seen the preview on Monday morning. Of course I did. I had been warning about Bella Rose Photography for over 2 years. Unfortunately, too many people were snowed and taken advantage of by this company. Wedding days. Newborn moments. Last days in high school. Family gatherings. It’s horrible. To me, unthinkable. (Not to mention how upset I was that they were the “Official photographers” of my favorite hometown team, the St. Cloud Rox) while balking their contracted duties.

Those are moments you can’t get back.

And they were CHEAP, as far as professional photography goes. $1000 for a whole day wedding, with prints and album. SHIT. I can’t feed my family on that! Think about it, you saw the best of the best they had. They hired out photographers, ones with openings still on their books, at ridiculously low wages. The outsourced photographers are pissed. In forums. In messages. They are enraged that the work that they were hired to do, work they put their hearts into, got gobbled up by greed and no bride or groom saw their images. OR, they were handed RAWs (you should never ask for those, trust me) and the couples were sitting there with a dud, no editing, no culling…nothing to show for their investment.

I couldn’t compete with Bella Rose Photography if I had wanted to. I’m not a networking person. I’m not a sales person. I’m an honest person who just can’t make idle small talk and false promises. I cry when I get sick and can’t deliver on deadline. I don’t submit to all the publishing places, I don’t do bridal shows. I instagram, facebook, meet people over coffee. I carve out space in my heart for every single client I photograph. I keep anniversaries and birthdays on my calendar. And still miss them by 3 days.

But I’ve NEVER not delivered a wedding.

I’ve missed Thanksgiving with my family, Christmas time prepping for feasts, to deliver client packages. I’ve been called horrible, nasty names. I’ve been groped, fallen off docks, climbed on top of rooftops, hiked, and frozen my toes.

But I’ve NEVER held clients’ memories hostage.

My heart aches for all of the special moments, lost now, to so many people. I can’t go back in time and make them happen again. But what I can do is pull together with other vendors in the St. Cloud area and have a styled wedding session for those who want one. FREE OF CHARGE. This is a HUGE undertaking, and I’m hoping some other generous souls out there want to instill some happiness and spread love where there is so much hurt. If you are willing to help, please comment or shoot me an email. Let’s stop the hurt and start the healing.

Our vendor list:
event space TBD
florals TBD
hair/makeup TBD
linens TBD
Formalwear TBD

Late April/early May


Keep on putting love out there folks. You never run out and we all could use more of the good stuff.


Warm Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies

I had a teacher in 8th grade, Mr. Amdahl, who would often talk about Warm Fuzzies. It was his way of saying  Say something nice. Something that gives you warm fuzzies. It could be something as simple as “I like your outfit” or “Good job” or more meaningful (but let’s be real, 8th graders play it close to the chest and rarely say something beyond those two).
Take my hobby, knitting (and sometimes crocheting) and pair it up with the typical Minnesota winter (COLD folks. It was -20 here last week) and I decided  I can do Warm Fuzzies!  Something tangible that will make someone warm both inside and out. And my #warmfuzzies started. Simple enough, I had a yarn stash with some super-bulky yarn that I had no projects for and a free hat pattern. With that, my first posts were to Facebook, offering them as a way to inspire others to perform their own random act of kindness. I shipped out some, dropped off others, hand delivered some more, and left a few throughout the St. Cloud area with a single halo clementine and a note. Simply enough, it read:

I am not lost. If you need me, please take me. You Are Loved.

Simple. Nameless. Just a way I could give something that came from my heart. With each stitch, I imagined love going into those hats. I posted on instagram. I ran out of yarn. And money to keep it going. I made a fundraiser version with some woolly scraps I had left and it sold. That scrap hat made 5 more hats, which I dropped off on benches randomly. Again with the same note.

I am not lost. If you need me, please take me. You Are. Loved.

They’re not for fame. Not for money. They are to give hope to those who may have momentarily lost their hope. My husband asked me why I didn’t just drop them all off at Place of Hope, our local homeless shelter. I told him Because not just the homeless need them. Pride may keep people from reaching out for help. I just want to put love in their day and spark that warmth from deep within. A college student broke off their ass might need a hat. A single mom might need one, or her child, and might not know where to turn. I don’t want hope to come with the conditions of needing to ask. I just want it to appear for them, and if I can do that, I can be more at ease.

One hat. One and a half hours. That could make all the difference in the world to someone. It’s not much. In fact, it’s barely a speck in the grand scheme of things, but it’s something I have, something I can directly do to instill a bit of love into someones’ day, and that is pretty damn awesome.

You. Are. Loved.
You. Are. Loved.


Jeremy + April : SCSU Engagement Session

I’ve known Jeremy for years. His brother was in my class and we rode the same bus to and from school everyday. So when he emailed me early one Sunday morning saying they wanted us to photograph their engagement and wedding I was stoked. Then I found out they met (and fell in love) in Calculus II at St. Cloud State University and I knew their story was just too quirky and perfect to be true.
When I asked Jeremy what he likes about April, he said she’s “Waaay cute, wicked smart and likes things clean and tidy”. April totally revealed that Jeremy knows AND sings along to Disney movies, she loves his nerdy and geeky quirks, and he’s great with kids. Better than that, they’re hilarious. They’re freakin’ adorable. And they have a stuffed bear named Panda {who ISN’T EVEN A PANDA!!!}.

Congrats Jeremy + April! I can’t wait for your 2016 wedding!

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