Being fired and how it was awesome

Being fired and how it was awesome

Failure sucks. Period. We all know that. But with failure comes resolve and experience that really form us. (Preachy, I know. Hang in there with me.)

I’ve always been an overachiever. And a rebel. I learn life lessons better “the hard way”. I was the National Honor Society/Captains and Leaders/All-State/Student Council/Prom Committee kid in high school. I joined the military and kicked ass. Serious ass, but more on that another day.

And I’ve been fired twice in my life.

Once from a now non-existent upscale wine bar and restaurant for taking a bowl of soup before the chef said to run it, and the one that hurt: a couple after their engagement sessions. That one stung for a long time. But, I am publicly thanking them today.

The anxiety. The self doubt. The “i really suck so why do i even bother” mantra kept running through my head over and over and over again. I sent the gallery to friends without context. I sought advice in photography forums.  I had a reshoot with the couple. They were still not happy and left me THE VOICEMAIL. I had my lawyer draw up a termination agreement.


My photography is personal. It’s art. But I couldn’t let my art be just all the Pinterest pins they had envisioned. I have a personality. I’m quirky and witty. That was not what they REALLY wanted. It was winter. Sessions were cold. Sorry dudes, it’s Minnesota and that’s how the cookie crumbles. It was ME. All me, that they didn’t like.

And that stung.

But out of that, the images I shared were the most liked on Facebook that I had posted that year. I still had my voice. And instead of suffocating that voice, they set me free. Free to keep growing, to find those kindred souls, to immerse myself in love stories instead of just pressing that shutter button. They were right to fire me. We weren’t a fit for each other. For that, I am grateful.

Thank you, A+M, for firing me. You helped me grow more than you will ever know. I wish you all the happiness in the world, from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my (frostnipped) toes.

I am grateful.true love scrabble forever scrabble SJU


  1. I can relate Emily. I was fired once and I took it so personally but never should of. I was working as a bookkeeper for a car dealership when I lived in Wyoming. One of the new investors had a family living back in Utah. He also had a mistress, and she needed a job. I think I took it so bad because I give so much of myself in the tasks I take on. Looking back, I too agree that it was a lesson in life and growth. It pushed me to go back to school and pursue a degree in education. It’s funny how when things happen they can seem so intense and important. But after awhile, we can reflect on them and see how we grew and what we learned. By the way, I absolutely love the pictures I have seen of Cortney and Emma.

    • I know a lot of us have had similar experiences so I thought I’d just put it out there that everyone goes through it. Thanks for all your kind words!

  2. I’m gruaeftl you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.


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