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Writing about us is hard. I mean, we're two hard-working Midwestern ladies that were always told not to brag, to be humble, and to just eat another serving of Jello Salad. So, here goes.

We're a sister duo, as in the oldest, Emily, and the youngest, Elizabeth. Seven years apart in fact. Emily started shooting professionally 7 years ago, with a few more years before that as a hobbyist. Elizabeth joined the team last year and has always had a passion for arts.

Emmazing, (pronounced em-maze-ing) is how you feel when you're sipping the best coffee, getting the best kisses, relaxing at your favorite place. It's being around the campfire, playing the ukulele (Emily does anyway. Elizabeth prefers the guitar). It's watching the sun rise on a cross-country road trip while singing to boy bands at the top of your lungs. It's embracing life, running full tilt, never looking back.

What else would you expect from two daughters of parents who hopped boxcars and rode briefly with motorcycle gangs?

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